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TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!

TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!


  • veil
    veil52 minutter siden

    Please ms gurl wtf is this 💀💀💀

  • Evie Wilson
    Evie Wilson52 minutter siden

    Please James it would make me so happy if I could please win

  • Danielle Tededco
    Danielle Tededco54 minutter siden


  • Jamie McDaniel
    Jamie McDaniel55 minutter siden

    I love 💕 Anabell

  • bo lewis
    bo lewis55 minutter siden

    James where's the avocados lol james is like bro give me the but end of avocado lol :makeup :eyeshadow :colour of eyeshadow red.

  • lexa1k
    lexa1k56 minutter siden


  • Aria Grassstar
    Aria Grassstar56 minutter siden

    Awwwe shi- here we go again

  • Adrianah Pinkham
    Adrianah Pinkham56 minutter siden

    I will never see James the same again I thought that he was a influence but I can sadly not call him that anymore 😔😞😔😞

  • Nameless Man
    Nameless Man57 minutter siden

    You would make Julio and Jamal very happy down the Clink.

  • Harinder Randhawa
    Harinder Randhawa57 minutter siden

    WOW 👁💋👁

  • Brenna Kelleher
    Brenna Kelleher57 minutter siden

    1 like equals 1 prayer for kenzie...😭

  • Stxr dust
    Stxr dust57 minutter siden

    “Owwww I’ll never be a bad bish” - Lil Nas X.

  • Ximena Cruz
    Ximena Cruz58 minutter siden

    I hate james bc of this

  • Joel Tettey-Whyte
    Joel Tettey-Whyte59 minutter siden

    Red anialated orange. Personally I would not have it.

  • Nira patel
    Nira patel59 minutter siden

    I actually think you should put on chapstick or lipbamb on before lipstick i think it would look less "dry"

  • 『Kayla.Gem』
    『Kayla.Gem』Time siden

    Rae's bedroom is looks soooo different when it is not mirrored. xD *xivam* if you know you know. xD

  • Parima Gholami
    Parima GholamiTime siden

    9:50 Is the one that says can u come fart on me)

  • Mythical Realm
    Mythical RealmTime siden


  • Harinder Randhawa
    Harinder RandhawaTime siden

    Charli has the best look

  • Banana’s World
    Banana’s WorldTime siden

    Kenzie won with the heart

  • Cassie Swanburg
    Cassie SwanburgTime siden

    The saddest thing is that there ARE actually probably people at the studio, AND he probably DOES have a script.

  • Noura Jaser
    Noura JaserTime siden

    James are you a 👩🏻‍🦰 or 👱🏻‍♂️

  • Parima Gholami
    Parima GholamiTime siden

    and who farted lol 9:40

  • meel blom
    meel blomTime siden

    Wow for the first time James Charles is speaking calmly

  • Zariah Turtle
    Zariah TurtleTime siden

    All I hear is sksksksks

  • Iris Bartels
    Iris BartelsTime siden

    Love how the whold video is basicly the editor making fun of james

  • Rachel Hill
    Rachel HillTime siden

    Why is there not 7.7M dislikes?

  • FLC MarioBoyWest
    FLC MarioBoyWestTime siden

    Imagine wearing THAT James Charles shirt🤣😆8:34

  • Robin Gilbert
    Robin GilbertTime siden

    When he said ‘ Maddie this looks so good! ‘ like kenzie didn’t do anything

  • Robin Gilbert
    Robin GilbertTime siden

    Kenzie looked like she was about to cry the whole video...

  • saryn toews
    saryn toewsTime siden

    Mr Tumnus from Narnia couldn’t stand the cramped quarters, and kicked me out of the closet into broad daylight.

  • Brian Ott
    Brian OttTime siden

    Glad this was April fools! Oh wait.

  • Harinder Randhawa
    Harinder RandhawaTime siden

    Charlie,”,’ shows off nails

  • Esthefany Amaro
    Esthefany AmaroTime siden

    he is like not meaning it

  • Emma Craven
    Emma CravenTime siden


  • Megan
    MeganTime siden

    If you still watch/support James after this.. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Melissa Thompson
    Melissa ThompsonTime siden


  • Rowan Buck
    Rowan BuckTime siden

    Me after playing the vid: ok, lets play some Asking Alexandria. Me after realizing I forgot to turn the volume back down: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Elkin Shiner
    Elkin ShinerTime siden

    Why is he doing ASMR in this video???

  • lucyyy emerton
    lucyyy emertonTime siden

    Thank you James but if you really cared you should of said something at the being and just doing this after the hate so yeah...

  • FLC MarioBoyWest
    FLC MarioBoyWestTime siden

    (James Charles) sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister sister

  • Marisa Griego
    Marisa GriegoTime siden

    this is kinda cool oh my god

  • Nutted
    NuttedTime siden

    James please grrom me

  • ImmortalRose
    ImmortalRoseTime siden

    What an actual joke first of all. Coincidences hardly ever happen. He should be ashamed 🤷🏻‍♀️ .....10/10 will happen again.

  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamerTime siden


  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamerTime siden


  • Bella Trejo
    Bella TrejoTime siden

    Wet n wild spongebob collab can u do a review

  • Karen Garavito Aguiar
    Karen Garavito AguiarTime siden

    How do you break the law 8 times by accident?

  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamerTime siden

    214,272 dislikes! Come on!

  • Harinder Randhawa
    Harinder RandhawaTime siden

    I got ur pallet I went bonkers it is AMAZING

  • Harinder Randhawa
    Harinder RandhawaTime siden

    Hey this is me I also got ur brushes

  • TocaBoca sisters Time to Toca World
    TocaBoca sisters Time to Toca WorldTime siden

    You is amazing

  • cade hackett
    cade hackettTime siden

    James I hate that you get so much hate that you can even get to be able to write a hte song

  • Katherine Richmond
    Katherine RichmondTime siden

    sniff sniff what's this that I smell? oh right, it's trash

  • Hunter Richter
    Hunter RichterTime siden

    James is holding on to his career by an acrylic nail

  • Perry Cooke
    Perry CookeTime siden

    She’s an extremely talented makeup artist, and a good person, but a NOlocalr...? Her personality is so boring. He could ask her how she feels about the world ending tomorrow and her answer would still be dull

  • Issagha diallo
    Issagha dialloTime siden

    I can’t belive you eas with a ...(satan)

  • Thsari Anar
    Thsari AnarTime siden

    Where do I find James Charles original eyeshadow palette here in India? Morphe doesn’t ship here!

  • em :D
    em :DTime siden

    0:01 sis i can see the hair cover thingy

  • seher keles
    seher kelesTime siden

    -angry twerking-

  • VHF _222
    VHF _222Time siden


  • XMartha_x
    XMartha_xTime siden

    *weirded out twerking*

  • wolf Schrom
    wolf SchromTime siden

    James to much bronzer try again

  • Brenda Payne
    Brenda PayneTime siden

    There was a man the CV heated!! Dargmar

  • Brenda Payne
    Brenda PayneTime siden


  • kylie v
    kylie vTime siden

    you’re not sorry james. you don’t care about them, or us. you’re just sorry you got caught.

  • Oshynn Kangas
    Oshynn KangasTime siden

    James' mom "i use it just to get it started" James "wHaT??"

  • Kinsley Isaacs
    Kinsley IsaacsTime siden

    I can’t believe James Charles full name is James Charles Dickinson

  • Abby Hanson
    Abby HansonTime siden

    The soft whisper 😂😂😂 I’m dead with these excuses and Bull shit. Not too embarrassing if you keep doing it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ didn’t you already say it was your responsibility to check their age?

  • sister spy ninja black
    sister spy ninja blackTime siden

    He hasn’t post in a week

  • Käwaii _Søbä
    Käwaii _SøbäTime siden


  • Käwaii _Søbä
    Käwaii _SøbäTime siden

    @DoggedSam42 - LOL true

  • DoggedSam42 -
    DoggedSam42 -Time siden

    Too late for that now he answers to the judge

  • Norris nuts Legend
    Norris nuts LegendTime siden


  • Rachel Ben Wizeman
    Rachel Ben WizemanTime siden

    Ya he should do a makeup 💄 look an me and we should be famis ohhh I did not make sens

  • rainbow rhino da blogger
    rainbow rhino da bloggerTime siden

    i heard about him from joey graceffa

  • Diana López
    Diana LópezTime siden

    OMG i love James

  • moh foh
    moh fohTime siden

    so.... why is everyone twerking?🌚

  • Grace Valdez
    Grace ValdezTime siden

    U are the best stay positive

  • L3
    L3Time siden

    loved the rainbow

  • Macey Olsen
    Macey OlsenTime siden

    It is ok James we still love you

  • Max
    Max56 minutter siden


  • DoggedSam42 -
    DoggedSam42 -Time siden

    @Zineb Jaber YES SIR

  • Zineb Jaber
    Zineb JaberTime siden

    Because last time I checked "we" dont love criminals and pedophiles

  • Zineb Jaber
    Zineb JaberTime siden

    I think you mean "I"

  • DoggedSam42 -
    DoggedSam42 -Time siden

    Who is we?

  • Alexa and Zayn fry
    Alexa and Zayn fryTime siden

    Kenzie does not look sad to me

  • svxlee__
    svxlee__Time siden

    girl...speak up 🤨👂

  • Elizabeth Anstey
    Elizabeth AnsteyTime siden