2020 Deleted Footage & Bloopers!!


HI SISTERS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm so excited to finally move on from 2020 and start a new year together! Before the year starts though, I wanted to show you guys some behind the scenes footage and bloopers from my favorite videos this year! Enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Liv Dford
    Liv DfordTime siden

    7:58 um you ok james

  • Niya Lewis
    Niya Lewis4 timer siden


  • Stephanie Mendoza
    Stephanie Mendoza6 timer siden

    Is he ok he did the help sign ✊🏻

  • Olivia Auguste
    Olivia Auguste7 timer siden

    5:40 the blow sent me

  • lqvely
    lqvely9 timer siden

    7:57Did anyone understand he needed help

  • Deema Twal
    Deema Twal10 timer siden

    7:57 he needs help oml

  • Anne H
    Anne H12 timer siden

    He did the «help» sign at 7:58

  • ASH Loves you
    ASH Loves you13 timer siden

    7:55 he did a help sign...😳

  • Genie's vlogs
    Genie's vlogs13 timer siden

    *My thoughts When i started watching this video* : James Charles the red nose sisterrr😂😂😂😂.........no offense james😂😅

  • Mohamad Ali Raad
    Mohamad Ali Raad14 timer siden

    7:57 he needs help guys

  • Sofie Steinerova
    Sofie Steinerova16 timer siden

    7:56 are you ok ? (the hand)

  • Brechtje Ter linden
    Brechtje Ter linden17 timer siden

    7:56 James? Are you ok?!

  • Y/ns Twin TwT
    Y/ns Twin TwT17 timer siden

    Me watching this 3 months later again: 2020 who I don't know her-

  • princess faith
    princess faith18 timer siden

    7:57 James did the sos sign btw.

    VIVIAN LE23 timer siden

    Addison really put the middle finger?!??!

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen AngelDag siden

    I just wish I could hang out with sister James and his gorgeous self would do my makeup.

  • Ganga rani Halder
    Ganga rani HalderDag siden

    My makeup 💄 skills actually sucks and when we look at you we are like this is the perfect example of a 💄💄 legend

  • Laila Billson
    Laila BillsonDag siden

    James: Hi sister welcometomynewvideoandiamtodaygonnabedoingsomeblooperswehavebeensavingforoverayearnow

  • Amiyian and tay Bateman
    Amiyian and tay BatemanDag siden

    Ok You

  • Ana Oficial
    Ana OficialDag siden

    i love maze

  • Estella’s Journey
    Estella’s JourneyDag siden

    3.300- 3.300- 3.30-

  • arsheeya nair
    arsheeya nairDag siden

    in the doja cat vid clip there is a person who is fixing her neck piece and hair.......the person doin that is the girl who won instant influencer!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorden Lee
    Jorden LeeDag siden

    doja cat vapes-?😳

  • halo jon
    halo jonDag siden

    Move on everyone it happend its in the past okay he was 15 but it was a mustake

  • Smart tack Videos
    Smart tack VideosDag siden

    omg the ones with doja cat are hilarious idk why tho

  • Quinoa Melon
    Quinoa Melon2 dager siden

    Hilarious !!!!

  • James Paterson
    James Paterson2 dager siden

    Maybe u do megan thee stallions make up. Hmmmmmm maybe 😞😞

  • Aram Ladojan
    Aram Ladojan3 dager siden

    I love lilnaz x hes so gold in sinngin

  • Grace L
    Grace L3 dager siden

    Addison: Do you ever post blooper videos? James: Yeah Addison: *Cronch* Me: I am currently watching one

  • Diwa Mishra
    Diwa Mishra3 dager siden

    What is going on at 6:48 😂😂

  • Ougan Beltre
    Ougan Beltre3 dager siden


  • Saleha Parween
    Saleha Parween3 dager siden

    4:48 who is she? is she really bebe rexha or somelese tell me : )

  • Saleha Parween

    Saleha Parween

    3 dager siden

    @Vasco Simões oh ! Thanks my guess was going on Kylie only But my bebe rexha made me wrong.

  • Vasco Simões

    Vasco Simões

    3 dager siden

    it's kylie jenner ❤️❤️

  • elaina hall
    elaina hall3 dager siden

    Addison's fingers didn't get blurred in time...

  • Katherine Kahle
    Katherine Kahle3 dager siden

    3:24... what vid was that

  • ugh, as if!
    ugh, as if!3 dager siden

    Omg not Miss Assaulter and Satan blood shoe- 😭🤚💀

  • It’s Ava :P
    It’s Ava :P4 dager siden

    How many brothers do you have James? James: one How many sisters do you have? James: emm 25.6M why?

  • Just Ninja
    Just Ninja4 dager siden

    The secretive debt prominently check because beetle neurochemically waste save a disastrous shade. cold, quarrelsome curler

  • Kent Reynald
    Kent Reynald5 dager siden

    2:10 THANK ME LATER 😂

  • Kent Reynald
    Kent Reynald5 dager siden

    3 2 1... JAMES: “Hi Siste...” BRETMAN: Actionnn 😂

  • Stephanie Jean
    Stephanie Jean5 dager siden

    Louis 1m times in 2020: "me" James 1m times in 2020: "Oh shore."

  • Elena Coulston
    Elena Coulston5 dager siden

    Who watching this in April 2021

  • XxxSophie xxX
    XxxSophie xxX6 dager siden

    “ owww I’m sensitive “

  • Dearbhla Doherty
    Dearbhla Doherty6 dager siden

    4:53 “ I loved ur finger in that” ahhahahahhahahaha I love her lol

  • Vivian Liu
    Vivian Liu6 dager siden


  • anime fan
    anime fan6 dager siden

    Maybe a collab with cardi or Ariana

  • Leny Royale
    Leny Royale6 dager siden

    You should do ariana grandes makeup

  • Tanell Henderson
    Tanell Henderson6 dager siden

    Why does ur mom look like Catherine O'Hara😭😂

  • Zariah Flores
    Zariah Flores7 dager siden

    who els new doja cat vaped

  • Haihai Robisin
    Haihai Robisin8 dager siden


  • Queen Laura
    Queen Laura9 dager siden

    Yeah i cant see him the same after that music video lil nas

  • Hannah Haislip
    Hannah Haislip9 dager siden

    in the beginning of this video james looks like he glued his eyebrows down NO HATE love you james the eyebrows slayyyyyed tho

  • P&M Gaming
    P&M Gaming9 dager siden

    Mr beasts gang do your makeup

  • Houston Blacksmith
    Houston Blacksmith9 dager siden

    am a sister now yaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • Eilish Collins
    Eilish Collins9 dager siden

    Collab with Billie Eilish

  • Kashmiere Pearl
    Kashmiere Pearl9 dager siden

    Hey James!

  • Rin Touch
    Rin Touch9 dager siden

    March 29 is my birthday

  • Rin Touch
    Rin Touch9 dager siden

    We’re at 2021 now

  • Emma Stevens
    Emma Stevens10 dager siden

    Why are almost of the clips about chick-fil-a!!🤪😆🤣

    VICTORIA&SCARLETT! The Channel10 dager siden

    “I have to fart” Wet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Dianney Werleman
    Dianney Werleman10 dager siden

    Anybody watching this in april 2021

  • Hallie Bausher
    Hallie Bausher10 dager siden

    im 8 and im OBSESSED with ur vids

  • dyaneDaffodil
    dyaneDaffodil10 dager siden

    Just saving this don't mind me 4:05-Charli d'amelio (another one is 5:45 and 8:17) 5:19-Doja Cat (another one is 6:15) 6:53-Addison Rae (another one is 8:52) 2:16-Larray (another one is 9:57) 11:24-the squad ig 14:46-Emma Chamberlain 15:23-James, Dixie, Charli

  • dyaneDaffodil


    5 dager siden

    @s w a n yeah :)

  • s w a n

    s w a n

    6 dager siden


  • Peach
    Peach10 dager siden

    Doja cat : fighting ash Me : is ShE oKay

  • numbghoul
    numbghoul10 dager siden

    Hi sister James I follow your Instagram and I love your friends they are good at TIkTok

  • Kokolee 15
    Kokolee 1510 dager siden

    You and emery Bingham need to do a vid together

  • Savannah Harper
    Savannah Harper10 dager siden

    it is the fart for me

  • Madelin McNeil
    Madelin McNeil10 dager siden

    bestie you got some makeup on your shirt. :)

  • Kaminari's lost brain
    Kaminari's lost brain10 dager siden

    11:36 I thought I was the only one who do that when I'm focused lol

  • Plush Trap
    Plush Trap10 dager siden

    I highly doubt your going to see my comment James but could you do another collab with lil nas that video was awsome but instead of talking about holiday what about momontaro (I don't know how to spell it) that song was fire and how he just yeeted those homophobes in that video we stan

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott11 dager siden

    i love you

  • Briella Cudworth
    Briella Cudworth11 dager siden


  • Emma Joudeh
    Emma Joudeh11 dager siden

    2:10 is my favorite

  • Dunkin.x.Sunraee
    Dunkin.x.Sunraee11 dager siden

    I'm screen recording adduosn doing the middle finger on my tictok

  • Mayte De la Garza
    Mayte De la Garza11 dager siden

    Am I the only one who wants the drunk makeup tutorial bloopers??🤔

  • phoebe


    11 dager siden


  • Kalia Siemens
    Kalia Siemens12 dager siden

    why is Ashley in the background

  • Eva Pilkevica
    Eva Pilkevica12 dager siden

    addison is so RuDe in real life lol : /

  • phoebe


    11 dager siden

    have you even met her?

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova12 dager siden


  • Smiley. Face
    Smiley. Face12 dager siden

    “You know what we should get for dinner?🤭 CHick-FiLlA 😏” Miranda Sings is 🧚🏻‍♀️✨SHAKING✨🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Angelina Makarski
    Angelina Makarski12 dager siden

    The sedate literature alarmingly need because lumber nally groan past a godly paint. regular, guiltless baby

  • Kelly Robinson
    Kelly Robinson13 dager siden


  • Editvamp P
    Editvamp P13 dager siden

    I love it how Kylie says:youve killing it

  • ky grace
    ky grace13 dager siden

    it’s not too deleted if it’s right there

  • billy billy
    billy billy13 dager siden

    thank you for uploading this oh James honey I love you sister

  • Intan Norbalqis
    Intan Norbalqis14 dager siden

    imagine james talks with harry styles

  • Delilah Bonneau

    Delilah Bonneau

    10 dager siden

    @YellowWeirdo Harry isn’t dead lol

  • YellowWeirdo


    12 dager siden

    @Kelly Robinson Harry styles

  • Kelly Robinson

    Kelly Robinson

    13 dager siden

    @YellowWeirdo Who's dead?

  • YellowWeirdo


    14 dager siden

    I think he’s dead 👀

  • Damla Alper
    Damla Alper15 dager siden

    This really made my day bc it was so bad

  • Sophie Garman
    Sophie Garman15 dager siden

    OMG the intro fit is BOMB

  • Nmtalana Mtalana
    Nmtalana Mtalana15 dager siden

    2:11 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grier Governale
    Grier Governale15 dager siden

    what is the guys name in this vid who want taco bell instead of chic fil a?????????????

  • Lucas Haug
    Lucas Haug15 dager siden

    13:20 and the rest of that clip has me DEAD

  • the lemon aka Lemoine fam!
    the lemon aka Lemoine fam!15 dager siden

    I lost it at 2:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brooklyn McGovern
    Brooklyn McGovern16 dager siden


  • Brooklyn McGovern
    Brooklyn McGovern16 dager siden

    Well 2021 is THE SAME AS 2020 BRUH

    ANEDRIA RAMSAY16 dager siden

    I love 6:52

  • Lauren
    Lauren16 dager siden

    9:50 iconic

  • Larry Wray
    Larry Wray17 dager siden

    14:51 JAMES QUITE ON SET Emma Chanberlin

  • Serena Kanu
    Serena Kanu17 dager siden

    a video with nailea and vinnie please

  • Alyssia Nicholson
    Alyssia Nicholson17 dager siden

    Petition for James to do Nickocados makeup

  • Sophia Ross
    Sophia Ross17 dager siden

    Addison: 09:19

  • Teresita leshan
    Teresita leshan17 dager siden


  • morgan_ the_rat_
    morgan_ the_rat_18 dager siden

    people watching in 2021 be like:it only gets worse