HI SISTERS! In today's video, I tried to bake a cake from scratch, with NO RECIPE. Inspired by the Try Guys, I had to guess every single ingredient from my memory to try to bake a delicious vanilla cake and I let my friends try it at the end... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Alo Kundu
    Alo Kundu9 timer siden

    Did anyone notice that James first took the butter instead if flour and then did not notice

  • Ravneet Kaur
    Ravneet Kaur16 timer siden

    Hi love from India. I hope I can afford your products here but I really like your work. God bless you

  • OceanFire Girl
    OceanFire Girl23 timer siden

    I’ve watched so much nailed it, I was silently crying on the inside because I can’t jump in and help you out dude 😭🖐

  • eggytai
    eggytaiDag siden

    Seeing GottMik after watching RuPaul season 13 >>

  • Itz_Chloeplaysx
    Itz_ChloeplaysxDag siden

    Jame charles: OMG OMG AHHHHHH Me: Oh no! 🙁

  • Dusty Lover815
    Dusty Lover815Dag siden

    James- we are gonna do sugar because that’s a dry ingredient. Me- (yelling at the screen) no no noooooo!!sugar is actually a wet ingredient and flour does not go with butter!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh it’s okay tho it was still very entertaining great job sister

  • Neha Allanku
    Neha AllankuDag siden

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay seeing this tho..

  • Ren
    Ren2 dager siden

    My mom is a baker and I made her watch this as a joke and she said at the end of the video "that was painful to watch" 💀

  • KatiePawsLps
    KatiePawsLps3 dager siden


  • サンガラジミシェル
    サンガラジミシェル3 dager siden

    The mixing process was painful for my mother😂

  • hasna blidi
    hasna blidi3 dager siden

    this has caused me pain but also joy idk

  • Henzo5Stars
    Henzo5Stars3 dager siden

    is this gottmik?

  • molly wall
    molly wall4 dager siden

    He needs more Sugar and milk

  • Terrance Mitchell
    Terrance Mitchell4 dager siden

    My life in 1 video

  • Gaming with Ava
    Gaming with Ava5 dager siden

    When he said you need alot of sugar for a cake I literally said Hm- oop no-na-no NO HONEEEYYYY that's alot of sugar

  • Madelyne Hum Cloutier
    Madelyne Hum Cloutier6 dager siden

    Literally me testing the cake to see if it’s ready to come out 😆🍰

  • Lilianna .D
    Lilianna .D6 dager siden

    Me when he didn’t separate the dry ingredients from the wet ingredients 👁👄👁

  • Abeer Jojo

    Abeer Jojo

    3 dager siden

    @Lilianna .D so don't have to mix them all together to get the batter so either its still going to be cake

  • Lilianna .D

    Lilianna .D

    3 dager siden

    @Abeer Jojo bruh I know the title some ppl know that you separate them and some don't you don't have to have a recipe to know that

  • Abeer Jojo

    Abeer Jojo

    3 dager siden

    because his not using step nor recipe listen to the video man like come on

  • Marco Juarez
    Marco Juarez7 dager siden

    Sweetheart your doing it wrong but good job your learning

  • 방탄 소년단ARMY
    방탄 소년단ARMY8 dager siden

    "That's that That's that that's SOMETHING" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shiftyyy
    shiftyyy8 dager siden

    James the way you did the challamge is amazing!😊 Side note: melt the butter then put it in after putting the flour in😚💅

  • Savannah Roberts
    Savannah Roberts8 dager siden

    I love you James I really do, but as a baker this hurt a lot. 😂 you mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl and mix it in divided, to your wet ingredients, and you should have blended butter, eggs, vanilla and milk first, added your dry ingredients slowly, then your eggs last.

  • lianneh909
    lianneh9099 dager siden

    James forgot that baking souda is for cooking and not the other ones he said. Duuuhhhhh🙄

  • Irene Chukwudeli
    Irene Chukwudeli9 dager siden

    Trying making puff puff

  • Sufia Montoya
    Sufia Montoya10 dager siden

    You can use backing soda and backing powder when you are backing

  • shanice wilson
    shanice wilson10 dager siden

    James Charles birthday party shanicew

    JEON JUNGKOOK10 dager siden

    More cooking videos please

  • Jenniffer Rodriguez
    Jenniffer Rodriguez10 dager siden

    IS THAT Dream

  • Ribha Singh
    Ribha Singh10 dager siden

    We make baking soda and baking powder the boat in the cake so the cake will be fluffy and to stick on the pen

  • Logan Birch
    Logan Birch10 dager siden

    james: just a splash of vanilla. us: we are all onna pray for your stomach and body. vanilla extract is not safe in large quantities

  • Emma Stevens
    Emma Stevens11 dager siden

    I’m a baker and you can use baking soda 👍🏼🤪😁

  • Caroline Playz
    Caroline Playz11 dager siden

    James:the consistency is great! Also James 10 seconds later: ITS SO THICCC

  • Gear Girl
    Gear Girl11 dager siden

    Did anyone who actually bakes start watching this and start yelling “oh bless your heart, you are so screwed!”

  • Logan Birch
    Logan Birch11 dager siden

    im currently in the stage where i wanna be a baker

  • Lexi Ferri
    Lexi Ferri11 dager siden

  • Sonia Walker
    Sonia Walker12 dager siden

    Bakers watching this: 0_0 Me: X_X

  • Sonia Walker
    Sonia Walker12 dager siden

    Baking powder is used in cake, muffins, cupcakes, its used to make things rise Baking soda is used in cookies and some cakes etc :)

  • strxberry_ milk
    strxberry_ milk13 dager siden

    Can you do more cooking/baking videos.

  • Crispy cam
    Crispy cam13 dager siden

    Cake boss faze happened

  • Charisma Clark
    Charisma Clark13 dager siden

    Sugar is not consider s dry ingredients it is wet when it comes to baking I love your videos

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah13 dager siden

    The lonely specialist bareilly enter because salad nutritionally answer qua a ill-fated dash. ruthless, grandiose author

  • Gayton Family
    Gayton Family13 dager siden

    I am a 10 year old girl and I can make a better cake than that

    DARCY REED - STUDENT14 dager siden

    You use baking powder and soda

  • my life
    my life14 dager siden

    He speaks very fast but i like it😄 don't know why😄😄

  • Ayneshu Adhikary
    Ayneshu Adhikary14 dager siden

    YOU DON'T DRINK MILK!!!!??!!!!?!?!!

  • Natlove 15
    Natlove 1514 dager siden

    I am literally shouting at him through my screen. Lol.

  • Emma Olivarez
    Emma Olivarez15 dager siden

    James.... you have to mix the sugar and butter together first 😃

  • Hh Wc
    Hh Wc15 dager siden


  • umarhashmi1
    umarhashmi115 dager siden

    u are girl

  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez15 dager siden

    James: *sees if cake is done by using a fork* Me: ...ummmm...Your supposed to use a toothpick for that...

  • connie Schad
    connie Schad15 dager siden

    Did you add sugar james idk if I saw you use sugar

  • Brittany Laciura
    Brittany Laciura17 dager siden


  • mc nuggies
    mc nuggies17 dager siden


  • Bobbie Gardner
    Bobbie Gardner17 dager siden

    The eatable learning superficially crash because edge experimentally sin before a robust frog. knotty, snotty sneeze

  • ۈꪆحـېـدہٰ ڪٱلـقـمر
    ۈꪆحـېـدہٰ ڪٱلـقـمر17 dager siden

    Thank you James for the Arabic translation 😍

  • Laura Aguilar
    Laura Aguilar17 dager siden

    Yes we love James the chef 😑

  • CrystalLynn
    CrystalLynn18 dager siden

    it’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

  • Unicorn Bros
    Unicorn Bros18 dager siden


  • i b k ' s j o u r n a l
    i b k ' s j o u r n a l18 dager siden

    Theodore we feed you very well stop licking the floor..... that sounds reminiscent of my mum.

  • purple dragon
    purple dragon18 dager siden

    the editor needs to know that its sure and not shore

  • Tatyana Lee
    Tatyana Lee19 dager siden

    Make a meal that one of your friends recommend... random choice

  • Valeria Delgado
    Valeria Delgado19 dager siden

    Okay but you never put milk

  • Kinzie Keith
    Kinzie Keith19 dager siden

    the editing is everything

  • Sheno
    Sheno19 dager siden

    I've watched lots of cooking and baking shows baked and cooked multiple times and I either want to be a veterinarian or cook when I get older

  • Molly the cute Pomeranian
    Molly the cute Pomeranian19 dager siden

    When he says subscribe button he makes a heart with his hands

  • danger_e
    danger_e19 dager siden

    hiii i have a suggestion, what if you have a diiferent intro for the cooking videos

  • Devine Zydasia
    Devine Zydasia19 dager siden

    this video got me so weak whoever edits these is pure comedic

  • marlie kaye
    marlie kaye20 dager siden

    “Isn’t bread cake?” me: contemplating everything ive ever known

  • Boss Lily
    Boss Lily20 dager siden

    I am actually and I'm soooo addicted to baking and i'm rly good at it

  • Moon _Cloud
    Moon _Cloud20 dager siden

    James: *literally struggling as a 21 year old* Literally me an 11 year old who makes cupcakes with no recipe: (ik its not the same thing- but its the same exact recipe. cupcakes are just smaller 🤠)

  • Daniela 2
    Daniela 220 dager siden

    "I think baking soda is not for baking." James Charles 2021

  • abigail not frizzle
    abigail not frizzle20 dager siden

    when i make cookies i eat the creamed butter and sugar is that weird it tastes *REALLY* good

  • Klárka Vavřínková
    Klárka Vavřínková20 dager siden


  • Klárka Vavřínková
    Klárka Vavřínková20 dager siden

    *hi how are you im fine* *IM the biggest fan*

  • 192 966_apeksha bangera
    192 966_apeksha bangera20 dager siden

    that looks yummy af

  • Lauren Webb
    Lauren Webb20 dager siden

    *screams in food tech gcse*

  • Callie Cunningham
    Callie Cunningham20 dager siden

    I use almond milk when I bake a cake... sometimes...

  • Adalyn Eliason
    Adalyn Eliason20 dager siden

    Umm, I’m like 2 mins in and you have to split the wet and dry ingredients up, and don’t mix them together till the end I’m ten😂

  • Johanny Solis
    Johanny Solis20 dager siden

    james: i feel like baking soda is for getting stains out or making slime me: then why is it called BAKING soda

  • Surenity Vyse
    Surenity Vyse20 dager siden

    then why is it called baking soda (dramatic music playing)

  • vizionzlol
    vizionzlol21 dag siden

    that frosting is what i’m filled with😫😩

  • Caden Tate
    Caden Tate21 dag siden


  • Melania Quiroz
    Melania Quiroz21 dag siden

    I died when he added wayy too much salt 🧂 haha

  • Michelle Tengan
    Michelle Tengan21 dag siden

    I can’t stop laughing omg😂😂😂

  • 12- Harsha
    12- Harsha21 dag siden

    Lol when he said dry ingredients and the first thing he added in was butter lol nice vid tho! And also its so funny cos u use both baking soda and powder for cooking lol.

  • Oreokitty 14&
    Oreokitty 14&22 dager siden

    I hate you

  • Holly Easton-Lankester
    Holly Easton-Lankester23 dager siden


  • shoto todoroni
    shoto todoroni23 dager siden

    This is how I would do it without a recipe I’m not a baker but here’s how I would do it 1. Flour 2. Salt 3. Baking soda 4. Mix all of those together in its own bowl 5. Beat the butter 6. Add sugar and beat together with butter 7. Add eggs 8. Slowly incorporate the dry stuff in with the sugar mixture 9. Add vanilla 10. Cook at 350 for maybe 1:30 mins

  • iiNash :D
    iiNash :D23 dager siden

    Rossana Pansino Be Like whtat the heck are you doing lol

  • Ciarra Russell
    Ciarra Russell23 dager siden

    U didn't put milk that's y its thick

  • Aitijhya Dasmunshi
    Aitijhya Dasmunshi23 dager siden

    You should take up such challenges more often James. These are pretty good and fun of course ❤️😆

  • Bean Animates
    Bean Animates23 dager siden

    I got so excited that James said new jersey. Not a lot of influencers talk about NJ just New York.

  • Abril Aguilar
    Abril Aguilar23 dager siden

    i love you james you always make my day when i am having a sad day

  • Sophia Proffer
    Sophia Proffer24 dager siden

    gottmikkkkkkkkkkk ahhhh

  • Henrietta Brown
    Henrietta Brown24 dager siden


  • Ꮶίlluα ɪs BAE
    Ꮶίlluα ɪs BAE24 dager siden


    DREAM MUA24 dager siden

    Eggs for *shore* 😐

  • Marco Arcilla
    Marco Arcilla24 dager siden

    Rosanna Pansino is shaking!!!

  • For780pokqui
    For780pokqui24 dager siden

    Bruh my mom never uses recipes for anything, she was a professional cake baker though so-

  • •anicka reine•
    •anicka reine•24 dager siden

    lets add a splash of vanilla. *adds A LOT* - James 2021

  • Micaela Ortega
    Micaela Ortega25 dager siden

    to make a cake you need oil,egg and water oh and the cake mix