Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Heidi Daniels
    Heidi DanielsTime siden

    James wears a white top and spills nothing, James wears a black top and spills things! 😂

  • Kylee Game’s
    Kylee Game’s3 timer siden

    Hi James my sister got your makeup and she loves it!

  • Yadira Arellano Medellin
    Yadira Arellano Medellin3 timer siden

    Can u do a full face of makeup using only tiktok makeup small business

  • Bushra Ahmed Year 10
    Bushra Ahmed Year 104 timer siden

    However bad the make up he always pulls it off🤚🙃😍

  • Charlie
    Charlie5 timer siden

    At least before a million of views 😐😀

  • Shane Jood
    Shane Jood7 timer siden

    James can u make a video of trying make-up from wish please 😄

  • Janvi tanvi Rathod
    Janvi tanvi Rathod7 timer siden

    In every video he says first is hi sisters !

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  • Kuaririka Saiki
    Kuaririka Saiki11 timer siden

    My mom has those magnetic eyelashes and she really liked it so i tried one and then when i blinked it when in my eyes and it hurted so bad-

    LEE YU ZHEN Moe12 timer siden


  • taha amin
    taha amin12 timer siden


  • sadyas bridal salon
    sadyas bridal salon13 timer siden

    Sister u still look way better than me

  • Alicja W.
    Alicja W.19 timer siden

    he was 15 James

  • Ghost Block
    Ghost Block19 timer siden

    James:Number One Rating Audio: NUMBER ONE VICTORY ROYAL

  • LudaaaLaaa
    LudaaaLaaa20 timer siden

    I Russia you I love you 😍

  • Mike Bieszk
    Mike Bieszk21 time siden

    My sister has that blush and I love it

  • Angel Ochoa
    Angel Ochoa21 time siden

    When i was contemplating going back for the dream mousse foundation 👀

  • Brittany UwU
    Brittany UwU22 timer siden

    my mom just bought the Maybelline pallet.-.

  • Aesthetic Blxberries
    Aesthetic Blxberries22 timer siden

    James hunny why does ur hair look like you put a 20 pound wait ok it and let it sit there? Gurl I love u but ur hair needs to be fixed Love , ur BFF :p

  • Hannah Mabe
    Hannah Mabe23 timer siden

    Is it just me or does it look like he has a black eye when he did eyeshadow

  • Emily Larkin
    Emily Larkin23 timer siden

    Ok I just want to point out that this is the best channel ever and I have been watching you for 6 years and I love this channel so very much and I want to be in this video but I live in New York so I can’t sadly but I will continue to watch these videos! I LOVE YOU SISTER AND YOUR CONTENT!

  • Sara Vale
    Sara ValeDag siden

    that blue/gray eye shadow combo on u looks actually pretty nice

  • Cristan Seaton
    Cristan SeatonDag siden

    Take a shot every time he says he’s truly shocked

  • Kadence Wice
    Kadence WiceDag siden

    James, I really try hard too follow along on you video's but your just too good :)

  • Gabby VanDerHeyden
    Gabby VanDerHeydenDag siden

    You are a living joke

  • sunshine sisters forever!
    sunshine sisters forever!Dag siden

    When you do your make up and now I got my supplies so I can do it with you

  • Katy Girl
    Katy GirlDag siden

    Hi. My name is Katy Girl. I live in Australia. It’s mid autumn and really cold. My plans for winter is my bed, my iPad and James Charles.

  • Julia Queiroz
    Julia QueirozDag siden


  • Dylan Leal
    Dylan LealDag siden

    Everyone: Wow this makeup is not very good Me: does the key actually go in the lock in his earrings?

  • chidam barzani
    chidam barzaniDag siden

    Iam just wandering where he got those earrings they are soo nice

  • Naya Hughes
    Naya HughesDag siden

    When I grow up I want to be a makeup artist just like you

  • Isolde Rayman-Moore
    Isolde Rayman-MooreDag siden

    i used to only wear the maybelline dream matte mousse foundation LMAOOO

  • arianagrandebutera
    arianagrandebuteraDag siden

    The companies that made these products watching this:

  • Rose and Magnolia Minecraft
    Rose and Magnolia MinecraftDag siden

    James’ bad is my amazing

  • ben anton
    ben antonDag siden

    his face 2:35 like YeAh

  • Teresa Spain
    Teresa SpainDag siden

    You look good james

  • Teresa Spain

    Teresa Spain

    Dag siden

    You look good james

  • Iman Mistri
    Iman MistriDag siden

    Please review colorbur products...specially the fixing spray ❤

  • shaini roblox lover
    shaini roblox loverDag siden

    can you pls pls do one old makeup challenge pls

  • Rachel 'k vlogs
    Rachel 'k vlogsDag siden

    I guess james doesn't know that there is a selfie camera in our smart phones

  • Kaitlyn Faircloth
    Kaitlyn FairclothDag siden

    Glam lite has some really good magnetic lashes and liner!

  • Brigid Murphy
    Brigid MurphyDag siden

    I’m a really big fan

  • Grace Hodgkiss
    Grace HodgkissDag siden

    I’m a really big fan

  • Brigid Murphy

    Brigid Murphy

    Dag siden


  • Ugyen Tshering
    Ugyen TsheringDag siden

    You are girl

  • Makayla Byron
    Makayla ByronDag siden

    Why did they all go crazy when he said it's been a min ? Cause I say that shit all the time. 😂😂😂

  • Dakota Thomas
    Dakota ThomasDag siden

    once i tried magnetic lashes when i was in a dance compotition and they flew off my face

  • Le Phantm
    Le PhantmDag siden

    My mom used a brow pencil 😭

  • Katelyn Gribble
    Katelyn Gribble2 dager siden


  • Kearston Hayes
    Kearston Hayes2 dager siden

    I've used some of the L.A color eyeshadow pallets :/ they are okay but they are also sold at my local dollar store sooo but idk if you've used them. Would be cool for you to do a whole makeup look with the brand L.A colors

  • Ava 990
    Ava 9902 dager siden

    James Charles the only true makeup tester in my opinion

  • Izzy Roth
    Izzy Roth2 dager siden

    My worst thing is a beauty blender. Doesn't blend, just takes the makeup off and when you try to wash it it doesn't come out. Also it NEVER drys out.

  • Stacy Ringland
    Stacy Ringland2 dager siden


  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy2 dager siden

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Emilia ARMAN
    Emilia ARMAN2 dager siden

    The worst make up thing I have ever used was prob the princess palletes I used when I was 8

  • maddison way
    maddison way2 dager siden

    Nahh can’t lie your butterz styll

  • maddison way
    maddison way2 dager siden

    Ayeeee my g stylll

  • Stuti Vandana
    Stuti Vandana2 dager siden

    So finally he said it.. it not his makeup that we see everyday, we see camera and lighting magic.

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser2 dager siden

    I’ve always thought the magnetic lashes didn’t seem safe

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser2 dager siden

    The yellow didn’t look bad on the eye tho lol

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser2 dager siden

    That palette reminds me of the first Kylie x stormie palette lol

  • Marcia Engman
    Marcia Engman2 dager siden

    me looking at the thumb nail foundation on your skin: now i want oranges

  • Keyara Blake
    Keyara Blake2 dager siden

    Must be a bad hair day james 😂

  • Megi Grudeva
    Megi Grudeva2 dager siden

    I love u James💖

  • Djurdja Pavlovic
    Djurdja Pavlovic2 dager siden

    What does powder do anyway? Plz SOMEONE anwser

  • zakariyah hassan
    zakariyah hassan2 dager siden

    You are right he is a sucker

  • GodOfFrogs 12
    GodOfFrogs 122 dager siden

    Me using James Charles makeup pallet and looking like absolute trasshhhhhh

  • Caleb McCarty
    Caleb McCarty2 dager siden

    honestly im so confused i have the monochromatic mullti stick in glimering guava and its super pigmented it must be a really bad shade

  • linda sabra
    linda sabra2 dager siden

    you cant put an amazing product on something so bad and expect it to be good?? hows that fair

  • ImAnimated YT
    ImAnimated YT2 dager siden

    8:18 it made it look like you have a bruise Or like you just got punched 😂

  • Ava Richlen
    Ava Richlen2 dager siden

    James: Looks good with no makeup, With makeup, and with worst rated makeup Me: can’t even use a foundation that is my skin color and will have a Problem with other make up products

  • Francis Otárola Gaucherand
    Francis Otárola Gaucherand2 dager siden

    10:10 omggggg the noseeeeee

  • Sniper san
    Sniper san3 dager siden

    number 1 victory royale yeah fortnite we bout to get down get down 10 kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town

  • eM Jay
    eM Jay3 dager siden

    uhhh so video idea... idk if its good or not but can you try out attack on titan makeup style. maybe cosplay? I think it would look cool to be one of the aot characters or try out the manga style look ehhhh

  • Layla Hersh
    Layla Hersh3 dager siden

    For the magnetic eyelashes u have to apply to lays of the eyeliner to make it stick on

  • Leecie Logan
    Leecie Logan3 dager siden

    James testing my whole makeup collection

  • Leecie Logan
    Leecie Logan3 dager siden

    Uhm James i have the mabilean pallet with the bronzer and blush and highlighter and I think it’s pretty good

  • Madison Shoemaker
    Madison Shoemaker3 dager siden

    The by far worst makeup product I have EVER tried would be eyeliner from The Color WorkShop

  • Laura B
    Laura B3 dager siden

    ...the fact that his "worse" makeup look looks way better then my best one...i am totally not jealous 🧚‍♀️😩🍄

  • Wes Hutchison
    Wes Hutchison3 dager siden

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks way better without makeup

    ALICE MARTINEZ3 dager siden

    I hate the makeup but you still look good in it. :)

  • Jãmïè The noob
    Jãmïè The noob3 dager siden

    James:*throws foundation in bin* Me:yesssssssssss sisterrrrrr

  • SLDShrink
    SLDShrink3 dager siden

    James Charles:oh god this is bad Me: wait I use those Products

  • in your dreams
    in your dreams3 dager siden

    5:08 - most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  • Zoe Descheemaekere
    Zoe Descheemaekere3 dager siden

    *sigh* While its inspiring that he can make a wonderful look out of horrible makeup, its depressing that i can't even draw a circle.

  • clumsy cat with a non clumsy rat '-'
    clumsy cat with a non clumsy rat '-'3 dager siden

    Girl sis noo u better have put cream on

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles3 dager siden

    Can we talk about how sassy James’ cameramen are

  • TheBlueIndieWolf
    TheBlueIndieWolf3 dager siden

    Sucks for you James, there is no possible way that you can look bad.

  • Andrea Alina
    Andrea Alina3 dager siden

    dont care

  • Daniela Sánchez
    Daniela Sánchez3 dager siden

    Im a little bit late! James Charles have teached me so much about makeup! He is a really good person and is funny! :) Lysm James, hope you have a nice day today :^)

  • Mariam Mirtskhulava
    Mariam Mirtskhulava3 dager siden

    U should try Japanese make up looks

  • Tilli frog the animator
    Tilli frog the animator3 dager siden

    NuMbEr OnE vIcToRy RoYal (sing along)

  • Akshara Pinnoju
    Akshara Pinnoju3 dager siden

    If you're telling that they are the worst makeup, try 5₹ lipsticks from india😶

  • Akshara Pinnoju
    Akshara Pinnoju3 dager siden

    Seriously?!! Maybelline?? It's a good brand 😬

  • Michelle's Art Channel
    Michelle's Art Channel3 dager siden


  • airgulf express
    airgulf express3 dager siden

    The foundation omg even the dollar store on is better

  • Meah Simmonds
    Meah Simmonds3 dager siden

    You are amazing

  • Kyutty Kattie
    Kyutty Kattie3 dager siden

    He's making my everyday makeup products look good

  • Max Kryatov
    Max Kryatov3 dager siden

    I buy from elf and I think all there products are cruelty free that’s all I care about

  • baby kitty
    baby kitty3 dager siden

    This look was so bad lol

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose3 dager siden

    a setting spray that was has a "shimmer" but was basically a WHITE spray highlighter

  • cvcv dfdf
    cvcv dfdf3 dager siden

    14:49 In the store the people test it