Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Wêirdo Àlert
    Wêirdo ÀlertTime siden

    I live in a place where it snows, I hate it honestly. I’m not the person to like the cold.

  • Bailey Machan
    Bailey Machan5 timer siden

    Yes iowa and I hate it it’s so cold

  • lindsay kieluch
    lindsay kieluch8 timer siden

    in burnley we get snow in april at times like the other night it snowed x Stay safe James and keep look on fleek and Fab!~

  • Pineapple Queen14
    Pineapple Queen149 timer siden

    2:34 So many waffles

  • Jiyoun Kim
    Jiyoun Kim10 timer siden

    there is no snow where I love i live in Alabama

  • Marielise Padilla
    Marielise Padilla10 timer siden

    There is snow and sometimes it snows at random times like once it snowed in May I live in Ohio

  • Savannah Friend
    Savannah Friend12 timer siden


  • Savannah Friend

    Savannah Friend

    11 timer siden

    @Diya Sanvi G oh sry it was hard to hear it

  • Diya Sanvi G

    Diya Sanvi G

    11 timer siden

    Hey said at 0:16.

  • Thiarra Jones
    Thiarra Jones13 timer siden

    I live where there is no snow, Barbados🇧🇧🇧🇧

  • Billie-Rae Quigley
    Billie-Rae Quigley13 timer siden

    My country is freezing

  • Scar Blackburn
    Scar Blackburn18 timer siden

    James after this:we ruined my makeup. But at least we got the video!!!!

  • Darcey6790 Clarke
    Darcey6790 Clarke20 timer siden

    I live in Northern Ireland so these days we have been getting loads of snow but during the year it’s just rain except the summer

  • angelinabako
    angelinabako21 time siden

    I live in Michigan where do you live

  • Eliane Edwards
    Eliane Edwards22 timer siden

    I have no snow in my contrey it's called Mauritius🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

  • Eliane Edwards
    Eliane Edwards22 timer siden

    I have no snow in my contrey it's called Mauritius🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺

  • Arianna Argott
    Arianna Argott23 timer siden

    I live in Iowa and we get tons of snow and I will like it for a few days but we have it for moths and I can’t do it for that long

  • Darcy Bramley
    Darcy BramleyDag siden

    i live in mass, yes there is snow. its okay i guess. love ur channel btw

    ACHEIA DUBLINDag siden

    I remember your vid that u sell lemonade...i love u,ur so hardworking..

  • Madison Parish
    Madison ParishDag siden

    Yes there is snow in Canada where I live

  • Iris Croucher
    Iris CroucherDag siden

    No but we do get snow sometime’s

  • Luce Goose
    Luce GooseDag siden

    There is snow in Canada duh

  • Sumo AlJarrah
    Sumo AlJarrahDag siden

    Look at your face though when you started squeezing the setting spray in the microphone

  • Glowinqvill Girl
    Glowinqvill GirlDag siden

    You are. a Amazing NOlocal and tiktok makeup artest

  • Bryndís Embla Einarsdóttir
    Bryndís Embla EinarsdóttirDag siden

    Yes i live in iceland and its april and the snow goes all the way to my knees

  • Taniah Sims
    Taniah SimsDag siden

    I love your makeup videos

  • Shoot Your Shot Videography
    Shoot Your Shot VideographyDag siden

    There is no snow I live in Atlanta

  • Athif wahid
    Athif wahidDag siden

    I am in abu Dhabi there is no snow

  • malanna cowie
    malanna cowieDag siden

    I’m from Florida and we all know there is no snow in Florida it’s to cold fo dat

  • Annie Teresa
    Annie TeresaDag siden

    There's snow in India but not in the city where I stay!!! I stay in Bangalore City located in Karnataka State in South India

  • Raquel Montalvo
    Raquel MontalvoDag siden

    Not him saying am I dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jax Girl
    Jax GirlDag siden

    James frills you look caked with that foundation

  • Dead Body
    Dead BodyDag siden

    In greenland there is no warmth poor me

  • Amiyah Woodard
    Amiyah WoodardDag siden

    No I don't live were there is snow i live in Arizona

  • Tejaswini N
    Tejaswini NDag siden

    (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤LOVE FROM INDIA(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • Meja Bönfors
    Meja BönforsDag siden

    I live I Sweden and its gorgeous in the winter. It's like pink,yellow,red and orange sunset in the evening. You should definitely come to sweden >Norrland love you sister💜

  • oliv0921 oliv0921
    oliv0921 oliv0921Dag siden

    i love winter

  • oliv0921 oliv0921
    oliv0921 oliv0921Dag siden


  • Katie Gibb
    Katie GibbDag siden

    Why torcher ur self

  • Ecrin Dogan
    Ecrin DoganDag siden


  • Vel Murugan
    Vel MuruganDag siden

    I live in india

  • jy fyi
    jy fyiDag siden

    "Am I dying?"😂😂

  • Emma Watterson
    Emma WattersonDag siden

    There is no snow Im Australian😆

  • gachalife.gaming.roblx1 vlog gameplay
    gachalife.gaming.roblx1 vlog gameplayDag siden


    Skky MACKENLAYDag siden

    James: is there snow where you live? Me: No cause I live in Australia

  • Sarah Tolbert
    Sarah TolbertDag siden

    Yeah... It doesn't show in Florida...

  • Maya Ortiz
    Maya OrtizDag siden

    No snow but I’m watching this late

  • Misty Manansala
    Misty ManansalaDag siden

    Living for the sisters winter life

  • Izus wifu And bakugos wifu
    Izus wifu And bakugos wifuDag siden

    No i am in Thomson GA

  • Angelina Salgado
    Angelina SalgadoDag siden

    i am form florda and it is hot and i am a big fan i love your veideo

  • Jasmine Martilia
    Jasmine MartiliaDag siden

    i live in Aruba there is no snow there but i am dutch

  • Sally Sugarmuffin
    Sally Sugarmuffin2 dager siden

    No snow in Florida☀️🔥 ❄️

  • Angeline Gonzalez
    Angeline Gonzalez2 dager siden

    I live in New York and it snows a lot.

  • del fernandes
    del fernandes2 dager siden

    Turks and cacias

  • Stephen Kearns
    Stephen Kearns2 dager siden

    omg u crazy but I live in Ireland AND ITD. never SNOWS IN IRELAND I MEAN IT LIKE yep I can't deal with cold for that long I'm same as u James

  • Skyla Smith
    Skyla Smith2 dager siden

    yes I do have snow I live n Tennessee

  • Layla Letson
    Layla Letson2 dager siden

    Yes sister

  • Nicole Alexia Louca Francisco
    Nicole Alexia Louca Francisco2 dager siden

    I live in Portugal, Faro and here it does not snow

  • Damien Shortt
    Damien Shortt2 dager siden

    I live in England and umm ye u barely gat any snow here that sticks. I WAS TWO WHEN THE SNOW STUCK AND WE COULD MAKE SNOWBALLS AND SNOWMEN but when I was 7 barely anyone was in school one day bc the roads were covered in ice and we got a day of :)

  • I am Ryan
    I am Ryan2 dager siden

    Something blue and froatzen, lemme grab a fluffy brutch

  • Izzy Roth
    Izzy Roth2 dager siden

    I love winter!!! Where i live it doesn't snow in December it snows from January to sometime April. Frozen Easters aren't very fun.

  • Jayda Cassanova
    Jayda Cassanova2 dager siden


  • Madeline Daigle
    Madeline Daigle2 dager siden

    James: “ Is there snow where you live?” Me: Ummmmm No, We live in the Deep South, Louisiana, soooooo no

  • Tahsina Khan
    Tahsina Khan2 dager siden

    I'm from Bangladesh and we never get snow. I've never seen snow/snowfall irl, its so pretty!

  • Haylee Dauer
    Haylee Dauer2 dager siden

    I do not have snow in South Carolina only one time we did

  • Chuck Scholer
    Chuck Scholer2 dager siden

    I live in NEVADA

  • Chuck Scholer
    Chuck Scholer2 dager siden

    I live in NEVADA

  • Shabeer Shah
    Shabeer Shah2 dager siden

    I don’t have snow in my city but I live in India

  • Lydia C.
    Lydia C.2 dager siden


  • Lydia C.
    Lydia C.2 dager siden


  • •CEM•CEL •
    •CEM•CEL •2 dager siden


  • xavier poulter
    xavier poulter2 dager siden

    Australia, I love the winter because my parents give me hot milo like every couple days and omg it’s amazing

  • Alisha Nazran
    Alisha Nazran2 dager siden

    Is there snow where you live?? I live in Britain obviously it snowed in freaking april

  • Riya Nair
    Riya Nair2 dager siden

    Snow? We have bright sunshine during winters

  • Lana Lana
    Lana Lana2 dager siden

    I lave in Croatia

  • Zoey Afton
    Zoey Afton2 dager siden

    I live in Brisbane (Australia) no there is not snow :'( but I have gone Ice skating and there is snow where my aunt lives and I have been there in the winter with snow it was very fun Also U probably shouldn't of done this cuz water expands a lot when it freezes so... U could of ruined them ;)

  • Lucija Guja
    Lucija Guja2 dager siden

    Well yes, there was snow where i live😂🌨️❄️⛄ (since this was 2 Months ago-)

  • sophie wiebrecht
    sophie wiebrecht2 dager siden

    I live in Broome in Western Australia and NO there is no snow, like it gets to 40degrees c

  • Jasmin Stewart
    Jasmin Stewart2 dager siden

    He does look lighter

  • Kiara Vida
    Kiara Vida2 dager siden

    It does snow there

  • Kiara Vida
    Kiara Vida2 dager siden

    I lived in Minnesota

  • Rose
    Rose2 dager siden


  • Aiela Karaiyara
    Aiela Karaiyara2 dager siden

    "Is there snow in your place" I live in korea for college honey

  • Tyler De La Cruz
    Tyler De La Cruz2 dager siden

    BB steam and hot water doesn’t open your pores it just loosens the dirt on your face which makes your face smooth

  • Faith Bynum
    Faith Bynum2 dager siden

    I live in Mississippi and there is snow sometimes but most of the time there is not but last year it snowed sooo much or at least it’s the most I’ve ever seen ⛄️☃️❄️🌨

  • Maddie B
    Maddie B3 dager siden

    In Australia NSW Parkes there is no snow

  • jaredandkeri
    jaredandkeri3 dager siden

    Yes we do in pleasant grove Utah in winter and sometimes spring

  • Amy Attard
    Amy Attard3 dager siden

    No we do not get snow in Malta

  • ari,njomza,and courtney chipolone stan
    ari,njomza,and courtney chipolone stan3 dager siden

    I live in Canada, Alberta, Calgary

  • Mia Whitley
    Mia Whitley3 dager siden

    I love that hi sisters he is so good at his makeup

  • Mia Whitley
    Mia Whitley3 dager siden

    I love that hi sisters he is so good at his makeup

  • that gamer girl
    that gamer girl3 dager siden

    i LOVE snow and winter but ever since i moved to puerto rico i have not seen it :(

    JUGGERNAUGHT3 dager siden

    I'm from Indiana but we moved to Martinsville

    JUGGERNAUGHT3 dager siden

    Yeah sometimes it snows in my country

  • Razan Almasri
    Razan Almasri3 dager siden

    Omg you are so talented

  • Razan Almasri
    Razan Almasri3 dager siden

    No we don't have snow here I live in Jordan

  • Claire Bastin
    Claire Bastin3 dager siden

    James what age do u think I should wear Foundation well for any person what age do you think it's good for a person to wear Foundation

  • Tilli frog the animator
    Tilli frog the animator3 dager siden

    In Ireland theres just hail, I just wanted snow!

  • jana leben
    jana leben3 dager siden

    In Slovenia is snow

  • Tilli frog the animator

    Tilli frog the animator

    3 dager siden


  • Ryan Harradine
    Ryan Harradine3 dager siden

    I live in Scotland in the snow most of the time

  • Tilli frog the animator

    Tilli frog the animator

    3 dager siden


  • PJ Tomison
    PJ Tomison3 dager siden

    Try living in Wyoming where there is snow and 65 mile an hour winds all year round😁

  • Tilli frog the animator

    Tilli frog the animator

    3 dager siden


  • Emily McNab
    Emily McNab3 dager siden

    We get a lot of snow❄️❄️