Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm doing the full face using only KIDS makeup challenge!! My team went to childrens stores and spent over $500 on glitter, bows, backpacks, and of course, makeup! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • TheUniqueUnicorn Gaming
    TheUniqueUnicorn GamingTime siden


  • TheUniqueUnicorn Gaming
    TheUniqueUnicorn GamingTime siden


  • Saba Faisal
    Saba Faisal3 timer siden

    James you pulled it off even with Claire’s 🥰

  • AnnaJean Miller
    AnnaJean Miller3 timer siden

    Honestly the only reason I wear makeup is for cosplay Also everyone you should love yourself 😁

  • Righteous Troll
    Righteous Troll3 timer siden

    Ha!!!!! Did the guys you texted , borrowed you this make up????

  • Zoe Marketos
    Zoe Marketos3 timer siden

    yeah my sis has claries makeup and i have to suffer watching her put it on but loove this🥰

  • Lil Pandaz
    Lil Pandaz6 timer siden

    yesterday I bought uncrustables-

  • barbara daoud
    barbara daoud9 timer siden

    James putting on hair extention : Hole team : YAAAAAAAASS James opening the fan Team : ........ James : YAAAAAAAAAASSS

  • miss scatterbrain
    miss scatterbrain10 timer siden

    Alternative title: clairs getting roasted by a famous makup artist for exactly 925 seconds

  • cheryl oman
    cheryl oman10 timer siden

    James what age because me 10

  • cheryl oman

    cheryl oman

    2 timer siden

    Like what time am I ment to do makeup

  • ThE E faCtoR

    ThE E faCtoR

    5 timer siden

    He likes 11s

  • Isabella Marketos
    Isabella Marketos11 timer siden

    is anybody digging jojo vibes rn?

  • Dawn Rinn
    Dawn Rinn13 timer siden

    I go to Clares to only get my earring XD and I turned my bully into my friend so yeah. Lol

  • Dave Malfoy
    Dave Malfoy13 timer siden

    everytime i alway replay HI SHISHTERS

  • Lacey Cullen
    Lacey Cullen16 timer siden

    This gives me a vibe that jojo and James are going to meat up yay u are amazing james

  • Chloe Rector
    Chloe Rector18 timer siden

    (Small youtuber here ❤)

  • Liudvika Salters
    Liudvika Salters18 timer siden

    I love Louis

  • Annamarie Garcia
    Annamarie Garcia19 timer siden

    This gives me JoJo siwa looks hehe

  • Leah Murray
    Leah MurrayDag siden

    James:Yes Team member: it kind of looks good James: Noo

  • OceanFire Girl
    OceanFire GirlDag siden

    James: Ooo a skull so spooky!!! Me when I was 8: *Watching happy tree friends and playing FNAF*

  • Izabella W
    Izabella WDag siden


  • Vicki Camarillo
    Vicki CamarilloDag siden

    I always thought you loved glitter 😐

  • Kami Fein
    Kami FeinDag siden

    i love how he is being himself he inspire me im not girly or pretty im tomboy he inspires me

  • Brissa Lopez
    Brissa LopezDag siden


  • ofc its Claire _Newman
    ofc its Claire _NewmanDag siden

    Claire's:- my fav store - this video with C l a i r e ' s:" YASSSSSS!!! :)"

  • Cora Lou

    Cora Lou

    Dag siden

    James's team looking at this comment like- YASSSSSSS

  • Kendra Stidham
    Kendra StidhamDag siden

    JoJo is gey so is he

  • Dee Sanford
    Dee SanfordDag siden

    James:hi sisters Me: ummmm

  • Dead Body
    Dead BodyDag siden

    derkslurp is just like you on TikTok unless it’s you👀👀👁👄👁

  • suma girish
    suma girishDag siden

    The intro is very nice

  • trinaty dingus
    trinaty dingusDag siden

    I literally just went to clares

  • Ash Eclipse
    Ash EclipseDag siden

    i am also bi

  • Midnight Raccoon
    Midnight RaccoonDag siden

    Did you realise the eyeshadow palette it has pink purple and blue 💖💜💙 which in that order is the bi pride flag

  • Jungkookie Stan
    Jungkookie StanDag siden


  • Helen sagastume
    Helen sagastumeDag siden

    Yea super affordable prices cvs be like fondation for 24.99 lipstick 14.99 and other stuff that are super expensive

  • Xxpeachy fillingxX
    Xxpeachy fillingxXDag siden

    CLAIRES watching this like 😐

  • Vivienne Ashton
    Vivienne AshtonDag siden

    Thank you for caring about us childen I'm 8 ok TYYYYSM

  • Riley Yang
    Riley YangDag siden

    I like your vids!

  • ThE E faCtoR

    ThE E faCtoR

    5 timer siden

    You down bad

  • Riley Yang

    Riley Yang

    Dag siden

    I liked and sub

  • Zeeshan Qureshi
    Zeeshan QureshiDag siden

    Wtf did I just watch who is this guy

  • Quillan
    Quillan2 dager siden

    Hes addicted to coke umm im so glad he clarified that

  • Cheyanne Brooks
    Cheyanne Brooks2 dager siden

    Let me say this I’m very addicted to coke to so ur not the only one-

  • Adysin Harland
    Adysin Harland2 dager siden

    “And here I was enjoying a pizza lunchable” Mood James mood

  • Hazbin_Babe
    Hazbin_Babe2 dager siden

    Lol my little sister uses mine and my mom's makeup she don't touch Clairs unless she puts it on her toys

  • fidgets for life
    fidgets for life2 dager siden

    Same food I eattt

  • Alexis Spurlock
    Alexis Spurlock2 dager siden

    Me to sister

  • Pandas Journey
    Pandas Journey2 dager siden

    He’s using his bfs makeup 🥺

  • seren edwards
    seren edwards2 dager siden

    Hi James I love u so much and I have ur makeup palette and I'm 9

  • shoe 420
    shoe 4202 dager siden

    Amogus in real life

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser2 dager siden

    Who are these random ass people always in the background lol

  • Jassy Classy Chiqui
    Jassy Classy Chiqui2 dager siden

    Uhh hi james I really like ur videos but uhh u know that you are so beautiful the way you are

  • unicorn friends
    unicorn friends2 dager siden

    Me is 7

  • Jake Latinis
    Jake Latinis2 dager siden

    Stop talking about JoJo Siwa

  • Katie Long
    Katie Long2 dager siden

    James Charles can you do a butterfly look

  • Olivia Hurt
    Olivia Hurt2 dager siden

    Ive just gotta say james i like ur nails ;-;

  • Brooke.ktanna.Hawkins .1
    Brooke.ktanna.Hawkins .12 dager siden

    ✨🤍🕊yesssss james 🤍🕊✨

  • Sparklzz Lit
    Sparklzz Lit2 dager siden

    Xwqwew wedded w w is s CSX's qw as ewxsw ewxsw e is sa a w w wsof and and and the ww is s s and is s s w sand and screw, Edit: I slept on my phone and woke up to this comment

  • Im_A_Fan
    Im_A_Fan2 dager siden

    He should so do a full LGBTQIA+ Face!!

  • Olivia cool and the cool girl
    Olivia cool and the cool girl2 dager siden

    You know I am only seven

  • Olivia cool and the cool girl
    Olivia cool and the cool girl2 dager siden


  • Clare Bear
    Clare Bear2 dager siden

    When your name is Clare....

  • Sophie Gill
    Sophie Gill3 dager siden


  • PixieApples
    PixieApples3 dager siden

    Oh my gosh, I just realized, you'd be the perfect person to do deer inspired makeup.

  • hantaro
    hantaro3 dager siden

    Ok girlie this full jojo like jojo aesthetic like omg ok sis jojo approved also sis cokes amazing

  • Yvonne St. Pierre
    Yvonne St. Pierre3 dager siden

    I love it this awesome

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie3 dager siden

    I love the Jojo Siwa look on James Charles but that makeup is terrible. All he needed was that backpack, bow and hair extension

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie3 dager siden

    Jojo Siwa

  • •Berri _ bunx•
    •Berri _ bunx•3 dager siden

    the editing is amazing insane for that matter

  • Toyland
    Toyland3 dager siden

    I’m 9 I almost never wair makeup

  • Ava Tressel
    Ava Tressel3 dager siden


  • Ava Tressel
    Ava Tressel3 dager siden

    U look like jojo siwa

  • Miracle Loon
    Miracle Loon3 dager siden

    Love iiiiit

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis3 dager siden

    I'm nine and I WHERE makeup...

  • Vedamandali Mandali
    Vedamandali Mandali3 dager siden

    I love when he says hi sisters ❤💅

  • Rantaro Amami
    Rantaro Amami3 dager siden

    The skull powder is my grandmas ashes.

  • Angel Akinlade
    Angel Akinlade3 dager siden

    Me too

  • Sophia Scarlato
    Sophia Scarlato3 dager siden

    I’m with you James, shimmer shadows or glittery eye shadows aren’t really my go to shadow. I love using your palette with some nude shadows and a little shimmer sometimes.

  • Sharon Atkins
    Sharon Atkins3 dager siden

    If it has a skull on it it’s mine

  • Princess Mia
    Princess Mia3 dager siden

    James looks pretty with and without makeup

  • mary miner
    mary miner3 dager siden

    When u want the lashes but get the pain

  • mary miner
    mary miner3 dager siden

    I'm 11 and wear makeup to cover up everything I'm insecure about but after hearing this I feel better thanks James 😁

  • Newtmas Shipper

    Newtmas Shipper

    Dag siden

    Oh same queen

    CHONG JING RU Moe3 dager siden

    i wear when i was 5 cus i got concert

  • S_Scar
    S_Scar3 dager siden


    IPILOTKZ3 dager siden

    This didn't age well

  • Lyd b
    Lyd b3 dager siden

    I'm NO to and now I love JoJo because she is adorable also I lovebIrds Charles because he made me believe I look good with and without make up because he made me a happy person and he helped me through hard times Love U James!!!!

  • •Keirina Sakura•
    •Keirina Sakura•3 dager siden

    You should have a so counter

  • matilda oryaee
    matilda oryaee3 dager siden

    Umm his face 11:33 It so funny I can’t stop laughing

  • Rowan vlogs
    Rowan vlogs3 dager siden

    I love my James haters like I like my coffee, I don’t like coffee.

  • Elly And Bella
    Elly And Bella3 dager siden

    James Charles makeup was so good

  • karlnapity is gold
    karlnapity is gold4 dager siden

    Jame's definition of bullying ''you're eyes are weird...or whatever''

  • Ariel Holloway
    Ariel Holloway4 dager siden

    I have an addiction to Coke a Cola so you are NOT alone

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed4 dager siden


  • Stephanie Tafur
    Stephanie Tafur4 dager siden

    you love eating child snacks.

  • Marina.H
    Marina.H4 dager siden

    Why you using your boyfriends makeup 😂

  • jake kin
    jake kin4 dager siden

    hI sIsTeRs

  • Lordette Vater
    Lordette Vater4 dager siden

    He still did a good job

  • Lindsey Fanning
    Lindsey Fanning4 dager siden

    Not me shopping at Claire’s until I was like 20 😂

  • JustEpicGamer 88
    JustEpicGamer 884 dager siden


  • StarBuzz Films
    StarBuzz Films4 dager siden


  • Sierra Calderon
    Sierra Calderon4 dager siden

    I started doing makeup when I was 4

  • RandomTwinz
    RandomTwinz4 dager siden

    what did i just watch-

  • Büşra Doğar
    Büşra Doğar4 dager siden


  • Casie Patterson
    Casie Patterson4 dager siden