holding myself accountable



  • Brian Ott
    Brian Ott3 minutter siden

    Glad this was April fools! Oh wait.

  • Esthefany Amaro
    Esthefany Amaro4 minutter siden

    he is like not meaning it

  • Megan
    Megan5 minutter siden

    If you still watch/support James after this.. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Rowan Buck
    Rowan Buck6 minutter siden

    Me after playing the vid: ok, lets play some Asking Alexandria. Me after realizing I forgot to turn the volume back down: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Elkin Shiner
    Elkin Shiner6 minutter siden

    Why is he doing ASMR in this video???

  • lucyyy emerton
    lucyyy emerton7 minutter siden

    Thank you James but if you really cared you should of said something at the being and just doing this after the hate so yeah...

  • ImmortalRose
    ImmortalRose9 minutter siden

    What an actual joke first of all. Coincidences hardly ever happen. He should be ashamed 🤷🏻‍♀️ .....10/10 will happen again.

  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamer10 minutter siden


  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamer11 minutter siden


  • Bella Trejo
    Bella Trejo11 minutter siden

    Wet n wild spongebob collab can u do a review

  • Karen Garavito Aguiar
    Karen Garavito Aguiar12 minutter siden

    How do you break the law 8 times by accident?

  • The UnknownGamer
    The UnknownGamer12 minutter siden

    214,272 dislikes! Come on!

  • Katherine Richmond
    Katherine Richmond14 minutter siden

    sniff sniff what's this that I smell? oh right, it's trash

  • Hunter Richter
    Hunter Richter14 minutter siden

    James is holding on to his career by an acrylic nail

  • seher keles
    seher keles17 minutter siden

    -angry twerking-

  • VHF _222
    VHF _22218 minutter siden


  • XMartha_x
    XMartha_x20 minutter siden

    *weirded out twerking*

  • kylie v
    kylie v23 minutter siden

    you’re not sorry james. you don’t care about them, or us. you’re just sorry you got caught.

  • Abby Hanson
    Abby Hanson26 minutter siden

    The soft whisper 😂😂😂 I’m dead with these excuses and Bull shit. Not too embarrassing if you keep doing it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ didn’t you already say it was your responsibility to check their age?

  • sister spy ninja black
    sister spy ninja black27 minutter siden

    He hasn’t post in a week

  • Käwaii _Søbä
    Käwaii _Søbä28 minutter siden


  • Käwaii _Søbä

    Käwaii _Søbä

    13 minutter siden

    @DoggedSam42 - LOL true

  • DoggedSam42 -

    DoggedSam42 -

    17 minutter siden

    Too late for that now he answers to the judge

  • moh foh
    moh foh31 minutt siden

    so.... why is everyone twerking?🌚

  • Macey Olsen
    Macey Olsen33 minutter siden

    It is ok James we still love you

  • DoggedSam42 -

    DoggedSam42 -

    6 minutter siden

    @Zineb Jaber YES SIR

  • Zineb Jaber

    Zineb Jaber

    10 minutter siden

    Because last time I checked "we" dont love criminals and pedophiles

  • Zineb Jaber

    Zineb Jaber

    11 minutter siden

    I think you mean "I"

  • DoggedSam42 -

    DoggedSam42 -

    17 minutter siden

    Who is we?

  • deeqa


    28 minutter siden

    Who's we?

  • svxlee__
    svxlee__34 minutter siden

    girl...speak up 🤨👂

  • Jenna Osborn
    Jenna Osborn36 minutter siden

    James I love you so much but I’m not too happy with this

  • ピンク*狐
    ピンク*狐37 minutter siden

    It isn't much of your fault James don't be do hard on yourself its there fault for lying about there ages and its not that much embarrassing for you as it is for them no matter what I will always be a sister! What matters is that you said sorry and i hope they did too cause there mistakes could have ruined your life but again i see your strong cause you have gone through years of hate james stay strong again remember there are real sisters who wont hate on you . you will be alright! all love sent.

  • DoggedSam42 -

    DoggedSam42 -

    17 minutter siden


  • Evoction
    Evoction37 minutter siden

    After watching DarkViperAU's apology,I can't take any other "I'm sorry" video seriously

  • Kyra Schriber
    Kyra Schriber37 minutter siden

    It was very good that he said all that and did not lie. We all should like this because it was very embarrassing and I bet half of you can't say anything bc you all have done something wrong.

  • Gregory Nem
    Gregory Nem38 minutter siden

    Come back

  • Adriana Rivera
    Adriana Rivera39 minutter siden

    The fuck twerking

  • sour lemon
    sour lemon41 minutt siden

    angry twerking

  • Ms. Tanaka
    Ms. Tanaka42 minutter siden

    Guys I knew his hair looked familiar! His hair is Mondo Owada’s hair! From THH (trigger happy havoc) Danganronpa 😩🗿 I KNEW IT!

  • Mal Fullard
    Mal Fullard42 minutter siden

    Why is he so quiet....da fuq

  • zin
    zin47 minutter siden

    It’s always the people who influence the worst that are callled influencers

  • It’s a creeper aww man Aka Bella
    It’s a creeper aww man Aka Bella50 minutter siden

    *Suspicious twerking*

  • Okoro Marie
    Okoro Marie51 minutt siden

    Don't worry james every thing will work out for you eventually

  • God Almighty
    God Almighty52 minutter siden

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Jesus answered, “The most important is, ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

  • Bunny !
    Bunny !53 minutter siden

    When this came out I thought it was an April fools😟⁉️

  • Deimantė Repšaitė
    Deimantė Repšaitė53 minutter siden

    WTF, i just came to check how he's doing, and here's another FLOP? Stop it.

  • RionneEee
    RionneEee53 minutter siden


  • Zalgo EA7M Eyeless Abomination 7 Mouths
    Zalgo EA7M Eyeless Abomination 7 Mouths56 minutter siden

    bro what happend watching this before i watch the video because i cant watch it at the moment

  • Ömer Faruk Arslan
    Ömer Faruk Arslan59 minutter siden

    Oh Jameeees I were sad

  • Ellis Fairlie
    Ellis Fairlie59 minutter siden

    Me sitting here filing my nails and tuting

  • Anna Harrington
    Anna HarringtonTime siden


  • manna maria
    manna mariaTime siden

    james plz post :(

  • Ellis Fairlie
    Ellis FairlieTime siden

    Speak uppppppop

  • Simi Brown
    Simi BrownTime siden

    He is honestly just sad now

  • sendy arteaga
    sendy arteagaTime siden

    I say enjoy the process of being successful and being single. Don’t rush into the expectation of needing a relationship.

  • Darklin
    DarklinTime siden

    that old mans Tuupay thingy on his noggin, is working, I can’t watch.

  • BeccaRaptor94
    BeccaRaptor94Time siden

    Someone please explain why this video has so much hate :/ He is admitting his wrongs, no?

  • DoNailsWithMe


    Time siden

    It's because he did it multiple times. And still calls it an accident

  • CurseRev
    CurseRevTime siden

    Fly spotted at 10:04

  • Ana Pao
    Ana PaoTime siden

    Why is he speaking so low tho? I had to turned up my volume to a 100

  • Simply Me
    Simply MeTime siden

    **turns volume up all the way**

  • CazzaPlayzz
    CazzaPlayzzTime siden

    Say it louder for the people in the back 📣📣

  • Aubrey Holbrook
    Aubrey HolbrookTime siden

    Is he coming back?

  • Harpriet kaurr
    Harpriet kaurrTime siden

    "Ops I did it again"

  • Myles Higgins
    Myles HigginsTime siden

    This video smells of bullshit. Only sorry cause he got caught 🤷‍♂️

  • Mehdi AYAD
    Mehdi AYADTime siden

    So he basically said “sorry that i love kiddos 🤷🏻‍♂️💅🏻🙌🏽”

  • leart
    leartTime siden

    How to do famous: Others:play football,be singer James charles:be the women

  • Leah Harrison
    Leah HarrisonTime siden

    sounds very scripted 🥱

  • Sam Scott
    Sam ScottTime siden

    How much does 268,000 NOlocal likes actually cost? Show us the receipt please

  • B̶U̶B̶B̶L̶E̶ P̶O̶P̶
    B̶U̶B̶B̶L̶E̶ P̶O̶P̶Time siden


  • CoD Void
    CoD VoidTime siden


  • kitty_plays_roblox45
    kitty_plays_roblox45Time siden

    You didn't say hi sisters😢

  • Dania Hassan
    Dania HassanTime siden

    Serious twerking

  • Chosen Fig
    Chosen FigTime siden

    It was at the that moment he realized, ʜᴇ ғʀɪᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ

  • Eee zy
    Eee zyTime siden

    Today’s Video: Aka next time y’all won’t catch me slippin’

  • Isabella Carter
    Isabella CarterTime siden

    How many time now... mhm 1 to many🙄 I looked up to you James for being an influencer. That’s clearly gone through the roof .

  • Alaina Ellegood
    Alaina EllegoodTime siden

    He’s only putting this out here so he doesn’t lose the fame, he’s abusing his platform and is NOT the only one

  • Ayyo_ dude
    Ayyo_ dudeTime siden

    why would he do this???

  • The Neopone
    The NeoponeTime siden

    my god is it really that hard to use Tinder instead of creeping on your fans through TikTok

  • glam slay glow
    glam slay glowTime siden

    Fool us once shame on YOU fool us twice SHAME on US!!!!!!! Period!!!!!!

  • Katheryne
    KatheryneTime siden

    I'm distracted by the bird nest hairstyle

  • Y X

    Y X

    Time siden

    Oh yeah that’s awful

  • Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark

    Time siden

    FRRR it’s so flat lol

  • Danganronpa has kidnapped me
    Danganronpa has kidnapped meTime siden

    James it's not your fault and it's not their fault either they are a child and you thought they were a young adult, they are not an adult and don't know what they're doing

  • Blue Flexin

    Blue Flexin

    Time siden

    The victims provided proof that their age was in their bio, James greeted one in their exact birthday, one provided receipts about James threatening him after leaking their conversations showing how James was fully aware of the victims age and how he was afraid that others may know.

  • Danganronpa has kidnapped me

    Danganronpa has kidnapped me

    Time siden

    @90slytherin but we can't just blame everything on one person he thought they were a adult

  • Danganronpa has kidnapped me

    Danganronpa has kidnapped me

    Time siden

    @90slytherin I mean yeah

  • 90slytherin


    Time siden

    Yes but he still did a wrong thing

    LILLY WTime siden

    A bee is louder then him

  • Brianna Lizalde
    Brianna LizaldeTime siden

    James is a good person, hopefully this won’t happen for the 9th time 🙏🏻

  • Blue Flexin

    Blue Flexin

    11 minutter siden

    @Brianna Lizalde hacking personal data Jk NOlocal lets people see how old your account is

  • Brianna Lizalde

    Brianna Lizalde

    18 minutter siden

    @Blue Flexin wth how did you know my account was made a month ago..

  • Brianna Lizalde

    Brianna Lizalde

    23 minutter siden

    @Lovemyreborndolls 711 you know what I mean

  • Blue Flexin

    Blue Flexin

    Time siden

    @Lovemyreborndolls 711 their account was made 1 month ago, don't take them seriously

  • ᴇxᴏᴛɪᴄ_ᴛᴇᴀ シ

    ᴇxᴏᴛɪᴄ_ᴛᴇᴀ シ

    Time siden

    Doing this 8 times isn’t an accident,

  • Lopunny Cinderace
    Lopunny Cinderace2 timer siden

    Anyone else here to see the updates on the likes/dislikes since the video was uploaded?

  • SniperRanger1812 2.0
    SniperRanger1812 2.02 timer siden

    Yoo... can we push the video to have more dislikes then likes?

  • Allison Jensen
    Allison Jensen2 timer siden

    The hair

  • Doctor Vibes
    Doctor Vibes2 timer siden

    i couldn't focus on anything but his hair

  • Easton Wilson
    Easton Wilson2 timer siden

    p word

  • Darlene Ramirez-Clemente
    Darlene Ramirez-Clemente2 timer siden

    I trust you

  • Blue Flexin

    Blue Flexin

    Time siden

    @Ethan Calderon lmao their account was made 30 minutes ago, so nothing to be taken seriously

  • Ethan Calderon

    Ethan Calderon

    Time siden

    Girl no

  • Rhonda Abels
    Rhonda Abels2 timer siden


  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
    Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo2 timer siden

    Ms. Carrie Underwood once wisely said, “Jesus, take the wheel.” I now understand what she meant....

  • Emma Duh
    Emma Duh2 timer siden

    *grossed out while school work and not twerking*

  • I am a dumbass and
    I am a dumbass and2 timer siden

    Hungry twerking

  • No one Important

    No one Important

    Time siden

    Lmao is this some kind of inside joke or something?

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob2 timer siden

    Hehe my brother loves u

  • Ocean Steen
    Ocean Steen2 timer siden

    At this point, James needs to start checking IDs😭

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob2 timer siden

    James thank you I love makeup xd lol aka lmao lmfao ttfn ttyl TGIF smh fml pmg

  • I am a dumbass and
    I am a dumbass and2 timer siden

    "Oops I did it again" - Britney Spears

  • SadBoy_Hours33
    SadBoy_Hours332 timer siden

    I just wanna know why everyone is twerking 😭

  • Kinley Larsen
    Kinley Larsen2 timer siden

    You should do SSSniperwolfs makeup

  • milkshake :D
    milkshake :D2 timer siden


  • Mr Beany
    Mr Beany2 timer siden

    Go after people that is your oWn aGe 💀

  • Camila Torres
    Camila Torres2 timer siden

    abla en español

  • Ewa Berchulska
    Ewa Berchulska2 timer siden

    Uhhh James answer my call I found a boy strung up like jesus in your attic?? Answer asap u gotta chill out with this shit man

  • Alanna Harlston
    Alanna Harlston2 timer siden

    “It’s socks”~James Charles

  • Sophia White
    Sophia White2 timer siden

    *”not buying it” twerking*

  • Katie B
    Katie B2 timer siden

    Don’t come back

  • Ely Dix
    Ely Dix2 timer siden

    He apologised, you are angry, if he didn’t apologised you still be angry, let’s be real, you don’t give a fuck about the teens, you just want to point fingers and do :”ahahah James Charles BAAAADDD” , so quick to jump to the f u James Charles boat, looks like last year didn’t teach us anything, NOlocal can’t be the court of justice, it’s Not Our job to tell whether he’s innocent or not.

  • Raluca Brown

    Raluca Brown

    Time siden

    Thank you