I Bet My Friends $100,000 I Could Beat Them In Mario Kart


HI SISTERS! I bet my friends $100K that I could beat them in Mario Kart so we filmed a gaming competition! The races were absolutely insane. Watch to find out who ends up taking home the first place prize. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Evie Wilson
    Evie Wilson8 minutter siden

    Please James it would make me so happy if I could please win

  • Nutted
    Nutted31 minutt siden

    James please grrom me

  • Adam Mohammed
    Adam MohammedTime siden

    That was good

  • Miles Trengrove
    Miles Trengrove2 timer siden

    James Charles why did you not tell your biggest secret you are marsh mellow from the biggest wrapped in the whole world

  • The World Is A Vampire
    The World Is A Vampire2 timer siden


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  • Kelsey And lyla
    Kelsey And lyla3 timer siden

    James should react to a vidio that daz did with the girl who did her makeup to go to the purge with her bf😭✋

  • Martyna123
    Martyna1234 timer siden

    Me you love real ❤💄💰💸 you love me? . Pls kom is '

  • Frxsy
    Frxsy5 timer siden

    James or anyone can I please have some help I don’t know if I’m bi or not can someone help

  • K Sri Manogna 6A - 10
    K Sri Manogna 6A - 107 timer siden

    Hi james can you do a video that is about troom troom makeup hacks please james🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • Vasavi DD

    Vasavi DD

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  • Lucy Lucy
    Lucy Lucy7 timer siden

    Hi I love alll your videos I hope we could be friends I subscribed and gave a like 👍👍👍👍👍

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    Cerys Rees7 timer siden

    You can’t keep running away: the consequences always triumph.

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    Mister Wolfe7 timer siden

    Weird flex.

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    zheng zheng8 timer siden

    My brain when I'm sleeping: HI SISTERS!

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    Elf E

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    Ну как ты? Что сказал папа?

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  • Yeshihareg Mamo

    Yeshihareg Mamo

    7 timer siden

    @Chloe Weir I meant the Male acting as a female

  • Chloe Weir

    Chloe Weir

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  • Enderman LOL
    Enderman LOL11 timer siden

    Bro like what the heck your a BOY not a girl why are you acting like a girl creeped out omg.!!

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    8 timer siden

    He can do what he wants with his body

    TEJAS ROGIYE12 timer siden

    I like how his face is just RUBBED WITH PIMPLES XD

  • Atomic Lash
    Atomic Lash14 timer siden

    He said hey little boys 😈

  • Verruca Lexi
    Verruca Lexi14 timer siden

    What is up with the flat top hair style?

  • Leigh Corleone
    Leigh Corleone14 timer siden

    James try Roblox it is so fun and it has different games and some ''scary" games

  • Romeo Aguilos
    Romeo Aguilos15 timer siden

    Also i like james charles

  • Gender Bend ellipse
    Gender Bend ellipse15 timer siden

    James Charles James Charles James Charles////video idea/// Recreating royal high makeup looks (roblox)

  • fnacvamp
    fnacvamp16 timer siden

    and how tf are they confident to were the game girls when they are obviously guys. wtf

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    vhnum16 timer siden

    Ily james chales 😍

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    Alicja W.18 timer siden

    He was 15 James

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    For some reason

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    GR8 virgo18 timer siden

    James stop posting

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    Aisha acetydopamine18 timer siden

    25,5 million support a.... some one who likes really young teens

  • * Chaotic_lesbian 83 *
    * Chaotic_lesbian 83 *19 timer siden

    " And the worst part is I loved you, I loved you it's true and some times it feels like I still fucking do. " - Penelope scott

  • Jen Schumann
    Jen Schumann20 timer siden

    Hey sisters

  • Adama Yates
    Adama Yates21 time siden

    I am a pro at Mario kart

  • ink Sans
    ink Sans22 timer siden

    Ee said hi sister in my vid look :p

  • Zachary Balck
    Zachary Balck23 timer siden

    Title should have been: "I Bet My Friends $100,000 I Could Beat A CP Charge".

  • Guxxi
    Guxxi23 timer siden

    Peter File

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  • Mature942
    Mature942Dag siden

    Just like ethan said. James likes spring chicken 🤣😆🤣😆🤣🤣😆😆🤣😆😆

  • Charles Kemp
    Charles KempDag siden

    I love seeing you win

  • Te Amo Pirihi
    Te Amo PirihiDag siden

    if that was realcash i wish i could have it.

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    GIcraft64Dag siden

    Sorry that I did, thought, said and wish any bad towards you in anyway

  • GIcraft64
    GIcraft64Dag siden

    Pray for the mercy of Jesus and the end for Abortions and same gender marriage. (Dress modest so we don’t fall anyone into mortal sin). Don’t curse or use Gods name in vain. Pray the rosary if your struggling MAGA. Gun games, anime are bad. St Joseph pray for us Repent

  • Kaylee Taylor
    Kaylee TaylorDag siden

    you look so done with everything lol

  • Kaylee Taylor
    Kaylee TaylorDag siden

    the petty prize omg im dying hahaha

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    hi I love you

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    rugrats_ceymoraDag siden

    Nasty asf

  • Hailey Self
    Hailey SelfDag siden

    James I would win 100k no cap

  • Kate_rkl
    Kate_rklDag siden

    Seriously did this guy just give $100.000 to another rich person just because he won at a game instead of donate them to anybody who really needs them? Like seriously why would he use all this money just for entertainment, doesn't he have a clue about what's happening in the world? I mean i love james but this was way too immature of him

  • Yoshi gamer
    Yoshi gamerDag siden

    Yes mario games rule and mario kart is awsome

  • Ganga rani Halder
    Ganga rani HalderDag siden

    Most of them give so much hate to you but remember about us giving u so much love ❣️😘 and support to you and again 😘💞 we love you 💖 we care for you and When you feel low just call us from your heart 💞❤️ and u will see that we are coming to protect you

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    my bf could beat u in mario kart easy🙄

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  • Khloe Fluegel
    Khloe FluegelDag siden

    Idea alert!!! He should get leds and put them on multicolor or something to where it’s flashing and then stop it randomly and that’s the color or colors he has to do for eyeshadow or he numbers the colors so like for example blue would be 1 and he chooses like foundation for 1 I just randomly thought of this i don’t know if it’s already a thing? If it is lmk

  • Khloe Fluegel

    Khloe Fluegel

    Dag siden

    Btw I know he didn’t something like this but it’s not the same ppl and he has to use the color to do the look!! 😁

  • Girl Royale
    Girl RoyaleDag siden

    I bet you! U were looking at James' Mario kart screen

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    I love u baby😍

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    Big fan!!!


    Can you do a video with lordthivi she’s so good a makeup she has like 10 mill subscribers please do it with her thank you

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    Before replying me Answer me why are u gayDag siden

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    You can keep running away:The consequences are always triumph

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    I cant think of a username

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    Mon T. Hidayat2 dager siden

    So excited to watch this video since James had explain everything so detail. And for those of you who d like to be happy in just 30 second, you can go visit my channel cause you will see how do i keep you laugh in there.

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