Ranking Scandalous Moments Throughout My Career...


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to rank scandalous moments throughout my career! It was crazy to look back at so many ups and downs that we've been through together as a family over the past few years, but also nice to finally give some closure to these situations and move forward. I hope you enjoy!
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  • Ashley Budiman
    Ashley Budiman8 timer siden

    What is the website he is using ?

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    Ana Jakoš2 dager siden

    You should do these videos when you're actually done with "questionable decisions"

  • kaayleelynn
    kaayleelynn2 dager siden

    then why the hell are u filming with ur friends if you have a cold, literally what the fuck is wrong with u

  • Ava Richlen
    Ava Richlen2 dager siden

    Half of these scandalous moments I Didn’t know that they Existed

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    Alex a.s who makes fan fic texting storys3 dager siden

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  • Arlo Fair
    Arlo Fair5 dager siden

    time to add one more, also another tier, ENDED MY CARRIER

  • Arlo Fair

    Arlo Fair

    3 dager siden

    @Omar Aviles The fact that I have defended him in the past. :/

  • Omar Aviles

    Omar Aviles

    3 dager siden

    This comment made ne laugh

  • Bill Tenediotis
    Bill Tenediotis5 dager siden

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    Caleb Thiessen5 dager siden

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    respect bts6 dager siden

    im a survivor of domestic violence, when i saw the mugshot makeup i am not offended at all, n i think james did a very good job he's so talented w makeup

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    ioana popa7 dager siden

    "Character development" 🙄

  • Tanisha Sahu
    Tanisha Sahu7 dager siden

    Taps the phone brutally saying, "If you wanna text me on my personal phone number..." Love your videos, James!

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  • Kelly Novice
    Kelly Novice13 dager siden

    I need all of the squad to come back for an explanation video. I mean, I'm not forcing you but it was weird that we just stopped getting the squad content anymore and I miss it sooo much.

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    Addison Williams15 dager siden

    The sisters apperal 0:00 - 1:49 Whenever the video actually starts 2:23

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    Isabelle Snape

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    draco malfoy’s wife15 dager siden

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    Isabelle Snape

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    JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!16 dager siden

    the mugshot one was fine the internet where only getting mad because he is famous if he was getting shamed how come other people who did the SAME EXACT TREND not get bashed now im not saying ANY type of abuse is ok but come on guys

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    Madison Fenley16 dager siden

    people will literally cancel someone best of boredom

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    Kristofer Kamzarov18 dager siden

    0:01 so that's how he's always so beautiful he has a clone machine that makes clones with the same face but with different voices clothes and hair 10/10 Elon musk jelly

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    Jordyn Piffier18 dager siden

    someone lmk what lashes hes wearing pls

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    Strangerxthings_tingz19 dager siden

    I'm a finn stan, (hence the pfp) I am also a James Charles stan. Obviously this was a long time ago, and James has every right to not like a movie. But i agree that James shouldn't have been on his phone during a movie and watched all the way through, but his pennywise makeup tutorial was really good. No hate BTW ❤

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    connie Schad20 dager siden

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  • Aliensarereal • 42 years ago
    Aliensarereal • 42 years ago22 dager siden

    And this is what I call character development in a good way

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    cocksize45x7.022 dager siden

    gonna have to film this again.

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    alacarteno29 dager siden

    i really luv how james is isn’t so full of himself and really has fun making fun of himself (he’s has a v extravagant character. u can’t be that excessive and overbearing and not intimidate or overwhelm people without being a lil self deprecating). he’s such a homie now especially with owning up to his mistakes

  • Er7282 2
    Er7282 229 dager siden

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    WINTER ANGELESMåned siden

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